Every campaign is different and requires a unique mix of communication tools
to produce a winning result.

Telephone Town Halls

Our telephone town halls are extended conversations with large audiences on their landlines or mobile phones to answer their questions and ask them poll questions.

Voter Targeting

We analyze voter files for demographic and vote history patterns to target voters for persuasion and turnout targets.

Digital Services

We create voter profiles using targeted audience data and analyze the electoral landscape to produce and execute a digital strategy including: logo, brand, website, social media, digital ad content development and placement.

Phone Banks, Robocalls, and Texting

We use the latest social science research to customize scripts and engage with voters via live conversation, traditional robocalls, and voter-specific SMS and MMS messages for both peer-to-peer and large audience interaction.

Direct Connect Calls

We carefully consider the message content with the political landscape to produce the most effective patch-through calls that connect voters directly with their elected officials.

Direct Mail

We produce messaging, design, printing and delivery of award-winning mailers to targeted audiences that reinforce and accentuate all other communication channels.

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    Latest News

    Why is the Big Lie so attractive to Republicans?
    Why is the Big Lie so attractive to Republicans?
    Democratic political practitioners know the power of the Big Lie. We’ve seen hard evidence in the results of every GOP primary this midterm cycle. Our survey of Georgia Republicans released earlier this week reminds us of the challenges that progressives face in November and begs the question: Why do so many voters embrace this Electoral Fraud fantasy, given the mountain of evidence to the contrary.
    Georgia Republicans: Divided Over Trump, the Big Lie, Harassment of Election Workers
    Georgia Republicans: Divided Over Trump, the Big Lie, Harassment of Election Workers
    53% of Republicans say they’re more loyal to the Republican Party than to former President Trump. Just 25% put Trump above the Party and 22% say they’re equally loyal to both. Younger Republicans were twice as likely as older Republicans to say they were more loyal to Trump than to the GOP (41% of those under age 45 vs 20% of those 45 and older).
    Abbott Outperforms Trump in Hypothetical 2024 Matchups
    Abbott Outperforms Trump in Hypothetical 2024 Matchups
    In a hypothetical rematch, former President Donald Trump leads President Joe Biden 44%-38% — the six-point difference matching the 2020 outcome. These results are better for Biden than in all the swing state polling we did earlier in the year. Biden leads Trump 48%-31% among Hispanic voters, while Trump leads 52%-33% among white voters.
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