What is Phone Banking?

Phone banking is an effective way to reach a large number of people quickly. It involves making lots of phone calls to voters, typically to raise awareness about an issue, push them to vote or support a candidate, or collect information for research purposes. During each call, the caller briefly identifies themselves and their organization before asking questions or presenting facts about their campaign. While phone banking can take up a lot of time and resources, it is often seen as one of the most efficient ways to reach people directly and make an impact.

It is more targeted than traditional marketing campaigns like TV ads or billboards. This is because you can decide the parameters of the call list and talk to those who might be on the verge of voting for you but need an extra push. For persuasion phone banks, you don’t have to waste time and money on people who wouldn’t ever vote for you or are already dedicated to your campaign. And for GOTV phone banks, we can target only those voters who we know will support your campaign.

Phone banking also directly connects to your constituents and helps you foster relationships with them. It’s an opportunity for callers to explain their views on the issues, answer questions about the candidate or ballot measures being discussed, and provide additional resources if needed. This can help build trust between candidates and voters and make it easier to mobilize voters in the future. 

Additionally, phone banking can be used to collect essential data that can help inform your campaign strategy. Asking questions about a person’s views on key issues can be incredibly helpful in crafting effective messaging.

Whatever your goal is with your phone bank campaign, our team of experts will help you with every step of the process and ensure the campaign is set up for success.

Our Process

After onboarding, our team gets to work! We create a script for your phone banking campaign that considers your organization’s needs and goals. We also design a script that works for your goals–whether persuasion or GOTV. Once all of this is set, our team begins to make calls, taking note of responses and data points. Finally, we deliver a report which provides you with a summary of the results from the phone banking campaign.


Proven Results

In the 2021 California recall election, we were tasked with tracking whether Governor Newsom’s supporters had cast their ballots via phone banks. We called voters in multiple waves, following up with those who still had not cast a ballot. The results helped the governor to a landslide win:

  • By Election Eve, more than 380,000 of our supporters had cast their ballots
  • 67.2% of those who committed to vote against the Recall had mailed or dropped off their ballots before polls opened on Election Day

When done right, phone banks can be downright boring. There is no thrill in the third or fourth call to a committed supporter who has yet to fulfill a promise to vote, reminding them of the last conversation about mail ballots and nudging them to do the right thing again.

But the results of this massive outreach project to stop the recall of Governor Newsom is a reminder that a quality phone bank can be the difference between a tight win and a landslide.


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