Why Should I Send Text Messages for my Political Campaign?

Connecting with voters via SMS and MMS messages is a powerful way to spread your message. By crafting targeted, personalized messaging, you will maximize the impact of your outreach efforts!

At Chism Strategies, we ensure you have the support and resources needed to stay ahead of trends in any electoral race. Whether it’s a local mayoral election or a national presidential campaign, our texting services use data-backed social science research tailored specifically to your needs! Get ready for success with every voter interaction.

Using Political Texting to Your Advantage

Preferred Communication

Texting has become the preferred method of communication for both Millennials and Gen Z, offering fast and mobile interactions. While texting is convenient in our everyday lives, it can also provide an effective means to target potential voters during election times with instant speed.

Inexpensive Compared to Other Traditional Outreach Methods

With texting’s low cost and high impact, political campaigns now have an unprecedented opportunity for effective outreach. By harnessing the power of texting, unlikely voters can become part of targeted efforts that could make all the difference in boosting presidential or down-ballot turnout come November.

Who Can I Reach Using SMS and MMS in my Political Campaign?

You can reach anyone with an active mobile phone number by sending an SMS or MMS in your political campaign. To maximize the effectiveness of your message, consider targeting people who are most likely to be interested in your message and those who have a history of responding positively to similar messages.

What Guidelines Do Political Text Messaging Campaigns Have to Abide By?

Political text messaging campaigns must abide by the same regulations that apply to all political communications, including television ads, radio spots, and print material. These regulations are imposed by the FCC and state governments to ensure fair elections. The following are some of the key guidelines political text messaging campaigns must adhere to:

  1. All political messages must be clearly identified as coming from a political organization and include a way for the recipient to opt out of receiving further texts.
  2. Political texts cannot be sent to emergency numbers or any other numbers that do not accept unsolicited messages.
  3. Political organizations must keep records of all opt-in/opt-out lists and guarantee that any individual who has opted out will no longer receive any political messages from that particular organization.
  4. Messages sent must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those relating to data protection and privacy.

What Is an Example of a Political Text Message?

Here is a great example from NPR highlighting the use of texting in the 2020 Presidential Election from both candidates. The article directly states the texting campaigns were a success in not only reaching supporters, but also getting them out to vote and raise money.

Take a look at this example of political text messaging from one of our campaigns:

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