What are Direct Connect Calls?

We place live calls to a targeted audience with an explanation of the issue and a request to support the cause, and, for those willing to help, we ask that they patch through to an elected official’s office. Voters receive coaching on what to say. Then we remain on the line until we forward the call to the appropriate elected official.

The number of direct connect calls is recorded daily for each elected official. We can also remove a lawmaker from the list of those receiving constituent calls should that person agree to support our client’s policy position and add others who we find to be roadblocks to our goal.

Why Chism Strategies Makes Direct Connect Calls?

Often, policymakers are unaware of the extent of public support (or opposition) to a legislative matter and erroneously assume a healthy majority has reached a consensus.

Direct connect calls remind elected officials that constituents are watching and are motivated to speak up on an issue. This intentional communication breaks through the “Insider Game,” away from special interest lobbyists, and focuses lawmakers on the outcry of constituents back home.

Direct Connect Calls Targeting All Levels of Government

We’ve used direct connect calls to communicate successfully with the U.S. House and Senate members, state lawmakers, statewide elected officials, and city and county officials about local issues.


Any Political Issue Can Be the Focus of Direct Connect Calls

Our firm has made direct connect calls on a wide range of issues.

Airport Expansion
Arts Funding
Criminal Sentencing Reform
Education Funding
Environmental Protections
Equal Rights Legislation
Land Use/Zoning Variances
Medicaid Expansion
Minimum Wage Hike
Payday Lending
Reproductive Health
Siting for Rock Quarry

Start Your Own Direct Connect Call Campaign

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