New Wrinkles with Texting and GOTV

October 25, 2022by Brannon Miller

In this year of record spending, we are approaching a point with precious few TV and radio ad slots remainingThe USPS witching hour is approaching for political direct mail and most digital budgets are set.

If your campaign offers are low and you are looking for creative, cost-effective ways to convert likely supporters to hard votes, here are some texting tactics that we have in the field this year for clients from Maine to California.

  • Texting to voters whose mail ballot forms were undeliverable. Most mail ballot states track the daily bounce-backs. It’s unlikely these voters have changed their cell phone numbers. In very close races, these voters who have moved across town could be your margin of victory.
  • Texting to family members of those whose mail ballots have been cast. We’ve found that slacker husbands, wives, in-laws, and adult children living with chronic voters respond favorably to the social pressure and mail their ballots.
  • Texting to targeting voters who won’t come to the door. Even two years after the height of COVID, clients continue to report disappointing canvassing productivity. You can contact the hard-to-reach with text messaging.
  • Texting targeted voters who won’t answer the phone. We’d all rather read a brief message from a stranger than talk to him on the phone.
  • Texting likely supporters with the theme, “Please vote and we won’t pester you again.” A humorous GIF or video attachment helps to soften this message a bit.

If you’d like to know more about these and other tools we’re using to help flush out every possible vote for our clients, please call, text, or email anytime.


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