Chism Strategies helps elect Democrats and advance progressive causes.  We serve clients from coast to coast  from offices in Washington, DC, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

A Full Tool Set.  We use a range of research and voter contact tools to tailor each program. Our survey tools differ based on the complexity of the race and communications budget.  And our voter contact menu includes live calling programs, robocalls, SMS (text) messaging, Telephone Town Halls, and digital communications.

Experience Up and Down the Ballot.  We’ve helped deserving candidates at every office level --- from city council races up to contests for Governor, US Congress and US Senate. We’re helped hundreds of local school bond measures and dozens of statewide ballot measures and have worked with more than 800 state legislative and local government candidates. And team members have written voter contact scripts for every Democratic Presidential nominee going back to Al Gore.

Noted for Quality Execution.  Independent blind peer reviews through the American Association of Political Consultants has cited Chism Strategies’ work for excellence year after year.

Curious.  We’re always looking for a better way to connect with voters on behalf of our clients. Our communications are grounded in the best social science research on the best tools and language to persuade voters. And we work extensively with academic research centers and progressive think tanks to field test new ideas on how to better connect with voters.