Georgia: Trump Leads Biden by Convincing Margin in Hypothetical Rematch

March 8, 2022by Brannon Miller

Biden Trails Trump in Presidential Rematch

The President is currently down by double digits in Georgia, a state he won in 2020. The COVID hangover, inflation in general, and fuel prices seem to be taking their toll. As we have seen in other states, a large contingent of voters (almost one in seven) are either undecided or expressing support for an unnamed third-party candidate—a tell-tale sign of dissatisfaction with likely options in the 2024 contest.

  • Trump leads 52%–37% among those who say they will be voting and just 34%–32% among those who say they will probably be voting.
  • Biden trails Trump by three (3) points among voters with a college degree, and by 26 points among non-college voters.
  • Trump holds a 54-point lead among non-Hispanic white voters.
  • Biden support among African Americans is at 74%, with 15% undecided.

Senator Warnock Outperforms President Biden by 5% in US Senate Match Up

Georgia football icon Herschel Walker’s honeymoon continues as he currently leads Senator Warnock by five (5) percent.

  • Among white voters, Walker leads 70%–27%, while among voters of color, Warnock leads 74%–16%. Warnock’s support is around ten points higher than Biden’s among both groups.
  • Warnock benefits significantly from those who say they’re undecided in the presidential race, leading Walker 54%–13% among this group. Warnock also manages to peel off 7% of Trump supporters, while Walker gets less than 2% of Biden voters.
  • Warnock leads 42%–40% among self-described independents—a group that favors Trump 42%–24%.
  • Walker leads 50%–45% among those who say they will vote in November, while Warnock leads 53%–33% among probable voters.

Biden Voters Expect Some Bipartisan Support from GOP lawmakers on the Cancer Moonshot

Nearly three in four Biden voters want to believe that at least some Republicans will support funding with the goal of cutting cancer death rates in half over the next 25 years. 28% of Biden voters believe support will be widespread among Republican leaders. 

Trump Voters Are Wary of Bipartisanship, Even on Cancer Research

34% of Trump voters reject the Cancer Moonshot project because they feel the Biden Administration is an illegitimate government and almost 40% of Trump voters are unsure about whether the GOP should join in.

You can find toplines and crosstabs in the survey research here.


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