Public Opinion on Rural Broadband Access in Mississippi

Chism Strategies conducted a statewide survey of voters in mid-September on the issue of expanding rural broadband service in Mississippi. We posed the following question:

Currently state law allows only cable and telephone companies to provide high speed internet service in Mississippi and many areas lack internet service. There is a proposal to change the law to allow electric power associations to provide high speed internet to their customers across the state.


Voters we surveyed overwhelmingly support allowing electric power associations to provide high speed internet to their customers.
• 77% of respondents say they would support such a change, while just 7% say they would oppose it.
• No demographic group polled below 50% on this question.
• Among subgroups

  • Support is strongest among white voters (81% support-6% oppose). 
  • People with a bachelor’s degree or higher (83%-7%) are the most likely to favor this change
  • Republicans (80%-6%) show the strongest support for those with partisan leanings.
  • Younger adults ages 18-44 (88%-7%) overwhelmingly support this change.

Survey Methodology

The survey of 646 voters included 35% respondents from mobile phones and the remainder from land lines. The margin of error is +/- 3.86%. Respondents were weighted by age, race and gender to reflect 2018 general election turnout.

About Chism Strategies

Our research and advocacy firm is headquartered in Jackson, MS with offices in Atlanta, Memphis and Washington, DC. This year we have served candidates and organizations in 36 states on campaigns ranging from city council to US Senate. We are working on public policy initiatives in more than a dozen states. We conducted this research at our own expense. For more information contact Brad Chism at or 601.918.4563.

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