We Salute Our Friends at Emerge Mississippi

We salute our friends at Emerge Mississippi for their hard work in recruiting and training female candidates to better Mississippi’s future. Emerge is a national organization that recruits, trains and provides a powerful network to Democratic women who want to run for office. Over the past three years, Emerge alumnae have won well over 500 races—85 in 2016, 150 in 2017, and 316 in 2018.  

Emerge’s Candidate Boot Camp is an intensive three-day program that gives women the training they need to run and win, and it is coming up this March in Washington, DC. If you or a woman you know is interested in running for office in the next two years, this might be the right choice for you! Please contact Vicki Slater for more information about the Emerge Mississippi group and local events in your area.

Learn more about the Candidate Boot Camp here! 

2018 was historic year for women in politics nationally, with 113 women elected to Congress. Let’s continue the momentum in Mississippi in 2019.

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