Trump's Blue Collar Base

The prevailing wisdom holds that Donald Trump greatest success was in attracting a disproportionate share of disaffected working class whites. The narrative held that Blue Collar voters were thumbing their noses at the wealthier Republican establishment in flocking to Trump.

 Unfortunately for Democrats, that explanation doesn’t appear to hold up under examination of exit polls. Nate Silver’s team at looked at exit poll data across 23 states and found that the median household income of a Trump voter is about $72,000, about even with Cruz voters who had a median household income of $73,000.  

 Trumps followers’ median income is actually about one third higher than the national average and about 18% higher than that of Democratic primary voters.

 We are kidding ourselves if we think Trump’s appeal is limited to working class whites. 

Of course, class identity in America depends on more than just income but as far as the numbers go, Trump voters are no richer or poorer than their Republican brethren.  

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