Trump: Chump or Bump?

Here’s our latest review of GOP incumbents in tight races and their reaction to Mr. Trump at the top of the ticket. Will Trump provide a bump or make them a chump?  Here’s a hint:

We’ve sorted the list by state.

Senate Murkowski Alaska Yes Said she has "always supported the nominee" but didn't comment on 2016 general.
House Young Alaska at-large Kasich Soft Yes Declined to Endorse Trump but Trashed Clinton
House McSally Ariz. 2 Not Ready to Endorse Trump
Senate McCain Arizona Graham Yes  
House Denham Calif. 10 Bush  
House Valadao Calif. 21 Bush Very Critical of Trump in 7/15 interview
House Knight Calif. 25  
House Tipton Colo. 3 Soft Yes  
House Coffman Colo. 6 Rubio Declined to answer hypothetical about Trump
House Curbelo Fla. 26 Rubio No Said he would consider voting for Clinton over Trump
House Mica Fla. 7 Bush Yes Half-Jokingly said "I love Trump" at dinner
Senate Isakson Georgia Soft Yes "I'll support the ticket and I'm not endorsing anyone."
House Dold Ill. 10 No  
House Bost Ill. 12 Soft Yes  
House Davis Ill. 13 Rubio Soft Yes  
Senate Kirk Illinois Soft Yes Said Trump should "Shut Up" 
Governor Pence Indiana Cruz Yes  
Senate Grassley Iowa   "It's a gamble" to let Trump pick next SCOTUS justice 
House Blum Iowa 1  
House Young Iowa 3 Praised Trump's "straight talk" in interview
House Poliquin Maine 2 Soft Yes Didn't endorse Trump, but called Trump "only major job creator" in election
House Trott Mich. 11 Bush Yes Wrote Op-ed praising Trump for Giving Americans Voice
House Walberg Mich. 7 Yes "Other Candidates Can Learn from Trump"
House Bishop Mich. 8 Kasich Soft Yes Tempered his statement of support with criticism
House Paulsen Minn. 3 Rubio  
Senate Blunt Missouri Soft Yes (Previously said will support nominee)  
House Zinke Mont. at-large Soft Yes  "Anyone is better than (Hillary) Clinton.” 
House Guinta N.H. 1 Trump is "good thing for the country"
House MacArthur N.J. 3 Christie Yes  
House Garrett N.J. 5 Yes  
House Zeldin N.Y. 1 Soft Yes  
House Stefanik N.Y. 21 Soft Yes Primary Opponent attacked her for not endorsing Trump
House Reed N.Y. 23 Trump Yes  
House Katko N.Y. 24 No Attacked Trump for lack of substance in campaign
House Hardy Nev. 4 Rubio Soft Yes  
Senate Ayotte New Hampshire Yes Says she will "support" but is not planning on "endorsing" Trump
Governor McCrory North Carolina  
Senate Burr North Carolina Yes  
Senate Portman Ohio Kasich   "Not Interested" in VP slot
House Costello Pa. 6 Yes Will attend RNC as delegate.  
House Meehan Pa. 7 Christie  
Senate Toomey Pennsylvania Rubio Soft Yes  
House Hurd Texas 23 No “Until the presumptive nominee shows he can respect women and minorities and presents a clear plan to protect our homeland, I am going to reserve my endorsement,” 
House Love Utah 4 Cruz    
House Comstock Va. 10 Rubio Soft No Gave away Trump campaign donations and attacked Trump's proposed Muslim ban.
House Mooney W.V. 2 Cruz Yes His brother proposed putting "tracking chips" in all "foreigners" in the country
Senate Johnson Wisconsin Yes Said he would "Stump with Trump" in March


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