Swing State Trump Supporters Unfazed by Immigration Flip Flop

Last night we conducted our eighth wave of tracking swing state Republicans’ support for Trump. We measured how Trump’s recent flip flops on deportation of illegal immigrants impacted his standing with swing state GOP voters.  Here are the survey highlights:

  • Swing state GOP voters already committed to Trump aren’t bothered by his waffling on immigration and deportation. As with more inflammatory comments in earlier weeks, we see almost no movement away from Trump. In fact, since we began the survey in late June, we’ve seen a net 5% increase in support among these general election GOP voters. 
  • Even with “leaning toward Trump” Republicans, his statements have almost no impact on their decision.  Very little has changed in the last two months.
  • We’ve seen almost no movement among the Swing State Republicans to an alternative candidate in the last month. The counts stands at about 13% of traditionally reliable GOP voters who are considering a switch.   

Trump's early supporters have circled the wagons and tuned out any evidence that the GOP nominee is unfit. If you’d like a copy of the full report, including cross tabs by region for all eight waves of the survey, just click here.  

As always, we invite you to join the conversation on social media with #chismstrat. 

P.S.: We are now using Catalist data and producing cross tabs age and gender by region.  


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