Study Reveals Where Independent Voters are on Key Issues

Study Reveals Where Independent Voters are on Key Issues: A Closer Look at “Independent Voters”  Part 2

We broke down the mid-March Pew Research Study of self-described “Independent Voters”. Earlier we explained that although 38% of voters claim to be independent, most of those are really predictably partisan in behavior. Now we focus on the one in 10 voters who are truly independent in voting behavior.

Demographics of the Truly Independent Voter

  • They are generally younger (half are under age 55)
  • They are 10% more likely to be male
  • They are less educated than “Closet Partisans” or self-described partisans
  • Almost half have no college at all
  • Only 25% have a college degree or greater
  • Roughly half of this group are white, one-quarter Hispanic,  9% African American and 12% other  

Important Issue Positions Among the Truly Independent Voter

In close, high-turnout races where truly Independents impact the electoral math, the following summary of areas of greatest agreement could be helpful:

Areas of greatest agreement

  • System is rigged for powerful interests: 70/23
  • Legalization of marijuana: 70/25
  • Strong Support of Same-Sex Marriage:  65/29
  • Almost six in 10 disapprove of President Trump
  • Immigrants strengthen country because of hard work and talents.  57/24
  • More than 2:1 oppose the wall
  • Government regulation does more harm than good: 49/31
  • Government needs to continue to do more to give Blacks equal rights with whites:  47/39
  • Smaller govt is better: 47/37

By definition, Independent voters are hard to peg—they sometimes hold positions that could be viewed as inconsistent. 

To read more about the Pew Study, click here

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