Public Opinion Survey: MS Supreme Court and Initiative 65 on Medical Marijuana

Today our firm surveyed likely Mississippi voters to gauge public opinion on the recent decision by the Mississippi Supreme Court to invalidate Initiative 65. Our sample of 905 has a margin of error of +/- 3.26%. We used IVR surveys to reach landlines (44% of sample) and SMS technology for voters using mobile phones (56% of sample.) We weighted results for age, race and gender based on likely 2022 general election turnout.

Below are highlights. 

  • Only 22% of Mississippi voters in the survey agree with the MS Supreme Court decision to overturn the election on Medical Marijuana. The criticism is bipartisan-- only 29% of Trump/Reeves voters agree with the decision.
  • 60% of voters favor a special session to address the issue of Medical Marijuana (including 58% of Trump/Reeves supporters.)
  • 70% of voters say the legislature should pass a medical marijuana law that matches exactly the wording in the constitutional amendment approved by the voters’ last fall. (Including 63% of Trump/Reeves voters).
  • A majority of voters are more likely to oppose a state legislator in the next election if that lawmaker continues to oppose medical marijuana.
  • A plurality of voters support impeachment of a State Supreme Court justice who voted to overturn the 2020 Medical Marijuana election results. Only 27% oppose impeachment. 


Read the full survey report including crosstabs here.


About Chism Strategies

Chism Strategies is a national political communications firm that regularly measures public opinion in Mississippi. This statewide survey was our undertaking with no input nor compensation from any outside person or organization.



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