Our Survey Shows Trump Bulletproof with Supporters in Swing States

We've completed our 7th wave of tracking swing state Republicans’ support for Trump. We polled for support, read the respondents a recent statement by Trump, this time with the “Second Amendment folks" language, then measured the impact of that statement on their initial plans to vote. Trump supporters upset by his recent statements were given the opportunity to explain why. Here’s the initial takeaway: 

  • The GOP voters already committed to Trump aren’t bothered by his allusion to the potential assassination of Secretary Clinton. Of the seven outrageous statements from Trump we’ve polled on thus far, it had the least impact on Republicans’ intention to vote for him.                                                             
  • Even with the “Leaning toward Trump” Republicans, his statements have almost no impact on their decision.
  • However a growing number of Swing State Republicans say they are likely to vote for someone other than Mr. Trump: 14% lean toward another candidate, up 4% from late June.

If you’d like a copy of the full report, including cross tabs by region for all seven waves of the survey, just click here.  

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