Introducing our TEXT-IT (Exit) Poll

Yesterday we launched our TEXT-IT Exit Poll in Super Tuesday states. We interviewed 585 Democratic primary voters with a 10 question survey across four different time zones and produced an accurately weighed report with a 4.05% Margin of Error less than 24 hours from the start of surveys to the completion of the report.     

We’ve been working for almost a year to refine this survey instrument to make sure we can offer our clients a tool that is nimble, accurate and affordable.

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Key Takeaways from our nationwide Super Tuesday TEXT-IT Poll  

  • Only one in five Biden voters agree that the former Vice President should support Sanders if he has a plurality of delegates at Convention time.                                                                                    
  • Only 46% of Sanders voters committed to support Biden as the nominee with 18% undecided at this time. 

The survey sample of 585 has a Margin of Error of +/-4.05%. Results were weighted by age and to reflect the relative Democratic turnout in the 2016 General Election by Super Tuesday state.

About the Survey: We used text message conversations to conduct live interactive polls with actual voters in Super Tuesday Democratic primaries. We began with a candidate support question and then posed a series of questions to supporters of different candidates. Despite the recent withdrawal of several candidates, we include in the full report answers to these now hypothetical questions.

You can find the toplines to our poll here.

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