In Their Own Words: Part II

Over the weekend we continued with our IVR survey of Republican voters in Battleground States. We called into the ten most important swing states to ask Republicans how likely they are to vote for Trump and how his recent statements about being the “King of Debt” impacted their plans to vote for him. Our Wednesday and Saturday call results are consistent—Trump has not closed the deal with about one fifth of GOP voters.

When we look  at the impact of the Trump statement based on the initial level of support, we see that even the hard core Trump supporters begin to wavier a bit. Historically GOP voters rally around their nominee no matter how ludicrous the isolated remark. But we are in strange times. Stay tuned for additional waves of surveys on this topic. We’ll be launching another round of IVR’s upon being gifted another zinger remark from the GOP standard bearer. Click here if you want the details of this IVR Survey.

Note: We also asked those who had originally supporting Trump that reactive negatively to the “King of Debt” comments to tell us in their own words why those statement made them less likely to vote for Trump. If you’d like to hear from these Republicans express doubts about Trump, unrehearsed and unvarnished, just click here.


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