Growth in Support for Same-Sex Marriage Stalls

Growth in Support for Same-Sex Marriage Stalls

According to Pew Research Center1, public support for same-sex marriage has experienced little variation since 2017:  Slightly more than a year after the Supreme Court’s 2015 same-sex marriage decision, the increase in support leveled off after a rapid increase in a short time span.   Currently,  61%  of Americans now favor same-sex marriage and 31% oppose.  About 15 years ago (2004), the percentage was reversed, with only 31% being in support and 60% being opposed to same-sex marriage.

A review of the data over the last fifteen years confirms that the shift in public opinion has been much larger among Democrats: a 32% increase in support for same-sex marriage, compared to a 25% shift among Republicans. 

Hope for the Future

The research also demonstrates that the younger the generation, the more likely they support same-sex marriage. However, a more recent study finds that young Republicans have become less supportive of LGBTQ+ rights in recent years.  One possible explanation is that conservative GOP leaders’ opposition to LGBTQ+ rights drove many young moderate Republicans away and they now identify as independents.  An alternative explanation is that the US Supreme Courts’ decision to affirm same-sex marriage has caused some Republican to now consider this issue more of a partisan litmus test rather than a human rights issue. To that degree, young Republicans would view the SCOTUS decision as an assault on their political ideology.



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