Groundhog Day: Trump Faux Pas

We’ve continued to track the impact of Trump’s inappropriate comments on GOP voters in ten swing states. Over the weekend we conducted our third IVR survey and found that the GOP standard bearer continues to disappoint Republicans in swing states. Trump is yet to close the deal with 22% of these crucial swing state Republicans (11% saying they are undecided and another 10% saying they are voting for a different candidate).  

When we reminded these traditionally reliable Republican’s about Trump’s recent praise for the North Korean despot Kim Jong-un, we saw even more erosion in support. The charts below show that 6% more of those previous rock solid Trump supporters in swing states are now expressing doubts than was the case just two weeks ago. And the erosion with “Lean Trump” Republicans is an astounding 20%.

One would expect a normal GOP National Convention to stop the bleeding and reverse the trends, but we live in strange times. If you’d like to see these tracking surveys in detail by region, just click here. And if you’d like to hear these previous Trump supporters explain, in their own words, why they are having second thoughts about him, just click here.


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