D vs. R on Industry Heroes and Villains

An August 2013 Gallup survey asked Americans how they felt about certain industries.  Some employers, like the computer industry, restaurant industry, and agriculture all have bipartisan favorability of around 60 %. Others, like real estate, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals are bogged down in the low 30’s for Americans of both parties. But the differences between Democrats and Republicans was striking in several sectors. By definition Democrats are more likely to think of the federal government in a positive light (+26% over GOP voters). Here’s a quick list of the surprises on the list and a brief attempt to explain the difference by partisanship.
The Movie Industry (Dems +16%): Hollywood is an easy target in the GOP narrative about decaying moral standards. 

Educators (Dems +14%): The assault on “teacher unions” has taken its toll. 

Publishing Industry (Dems + 14%): We don’t suggest that Republicans are afraid of books. But Republicans tend to believe the Newspaper/Magazine industry slants left.  

Lawyers (Dems +14%): Democrats prioritize fairness and protection of the vulnerable as a moral value. GOP voters don’t value as much what lawyers do in that arena. 

Healthcare (Dems +11%): The GOP’s demonizing Obamacare has also lessoned GOP voter opinions on the providers themselves.  

Automobile Industry (Dems +10%): It still upsets some GOP voters that the auto industry bailout actually worked. 

Banking (GOP + 4%): We were surprised it wasn’t higher, even in 2013. 

Farming/Agriculture (GOP+ 9%): The GOP’s base is strong in rural states. 

Oil and Gas Industry (GOP+13%): Fracking controversies and climate change concerns make this industry the Democrat’s favorite whipping boy. 


We look forward to reporting on an updated Gallup survey on how Democrats and Republicans view industries so differently.
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