Organizing Across Multiple Platforms

Helping the NEA get their members to speak up, when school was out


With the Senate scheduled to vote on a comprehensive immigration reform bill in June, NEA sought to mobilize members around a National Call-in Day that featured a hassle-free, toll-free number with a direct connect to Senate offices. NEA scheduled a Telephone Town Hall to about 50,000 members in targeted states across the country to promote these traditional patch through calls and new Facebook and Twitter efforts to increase pressure on key Senators.

Our Approach

Our TTH to a universe of almost 50,000 NEA members generated a 36% participation rate for the members we reached—a remarkable achievement for calling school teachers in the summer. NEA featured testimonials from members who had navigated the immigration maze.  Speakers then urged members to get involved with the National Call-in Day and to change their Facebook status to “Dreamers Welcome”, to change their Facebook profile pictures to the Dreamers Welcome poster, and to tweet the image using the twitter hashtag ‘timeisnow’. Using our Telephone Town Hall poll question feature, we obtained commitments as follows:  51% said they would take part in Call-In Day to their Senators; 14% agreed to change their Facebook status; 9% said that they would tweet a photo of the Dreamers Welcome poster with #timeisnow; and 26% planned to undertake all these actions. 

The Results

NEA was part of a national movement that resulted in the Senate’s passage of the legislation. More important, the Telephone Town Hall helped identified super activists that can be mobilized in 2014 when the attention turns to the US House.