Colorado for Obama

Mobilizing the Rising American Electorate (RAE): How we helped Colorado for Obama produce a surge turnout among RAE voters

Pundits had pointed to Colorado as ground zero in the 2012 presidential campaign. The exuberance of young Colorado progressives in 2008 had faded and the large Hispanic electorate that was less than enthused with the President’s progress on immigration reform.  And the transition to mail balloting further complicated the turnout plan. The Obama campaign needed a massive field/phone turnout effort targeting the Rising American Electorate (RAE). Without a surge among single women, African Americans, Latinos and other younger voters in general Colorado was in jeopardy. 

Our team worked alongside the field effort to contact a half million Colorado voters, confirm their intentions to support President Obama, and make sure they cast their ballots. This mix of door-to-door canvassing, calls by land line phones or mobile phone conversations required daily updates from activity across the state. Our calling focused on places in cities where canvassers   had found voters were not home, or in rural areas where the population density was too low for effective canvassing. We reported call results to a central database each evening that used the information for new canvassing assignments the next day.

And as mail ballots began to arrive at the registrars, we amended our calling lists daily to target those previously identified supporters who had not yet been to the post office. In the end, the RAE surge gave the president a solid victory in this pivotal state.